It is eBrands belief that businesses need to have one brand. This brand will likely have several facets – a corporate facet which is the face of the business for shareholders and investors and a facet which can be used to position its potentially multiple products in the eyes of its target audiences. And what is the glue that holds this brand together? Your people. Ultimately it’s the people who come to work to try and help sell the company’s products, to help the business grow faster, withstand recessions and deliver enthusiastic customer service. So for us, we see an “Employer Brand” as a critical component of the company’s whole brand.

We take a holistic branding viewpoint which applies cutting edge marketing and digital strategies to improve;

  • Internal brand alignment
  • Staff engagement
  • Brand advocacy
  • Talent retention and attraction
  • Business performance

The approach we take is broken down into three step, proven methodology:


The research stage where key insights about the business are unearthed and potential employer value is a clear proposition. This is composed under several directions, from one-on-one interviews, during group workshops, and the compiling of data in company-wide online surveys.


Here we pull the research through into an Employer Brand framework, which locks the value proposition and its supporting components into a framework which is put in place for several years. The framework acts as a roadmap for change, engagement and communication strategies.


This is where the tyres his the tarmac and we can breathe life into the brand for your internal staff in the first instance before taking the brand into the public domain to help engage the best possible talent to the business.

eBrands Directors Marc Iannacone and Will Innes have been highly involved practitioners of Employer Branding over the last 10 years, both in the UK and Australia. Both specialise in leveraging mainstream and digital design techniques in the Employer Branding environment – a competency un-matched in Australia.

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