The final installment of a six-part blog series on workplace passion: creating it, sustaining it, and building an employer brand with it.

I’ll wrap up this series with some simple success keys or ‘crib notes’ from each blog installment. Then, I’ll summarise my subjective views hopefully sans platitudes; about the lessons learned by the client referenced in the initial blog post in this series and by de facto, most of our clients.

Passion Keys

  1. Workplace Passion cannot exist without known beliefs and a value system. Create this first.
  2. Adjust hiring process and strategy to emphasize passion hiring to populate and bring beliefs to life.
  3. Quickly and effectively reward those that display the right behaviours
  4. Allow everyone in the organization a shared view and path of access to the success horizon for the business
  5. Root out wasteful negativity, do not root out intelligence or critical thinking
  6.  Put the effort into diversity. It will improve intelligence and energy
  7. Be real and objective about your physical surroundings; if it does not suit the organisation, make it part of the horizon plan
  8. Stick with the value system created; do not shift it or ‘chip away’ at it to accommodate whimsy


Finding passionate people?

It comes down to identifying what the organization needs to be successful, and putting the parameters in place to empower your talent to fulfill those needs. The route to achieving this is different every time, but the process framework is the same. You cannot recruit passion until the organization can define its soul.

I’ve spoken with thousands of workers.

Passionate workers share traits. They admire the ethos of their employer. They can understand their employer’s language. They believe in the employer, and they easily align with the organisation point of view. They feel secure in holding that view and confident that it will stand up to inspection.

They sincerely believe the outcome they are pursuing is the best outcome for the organisation’s customers.

There are plenty of passionate people, but there is no guarantee that those people will be passionate workers. That takes…work.

Next step.

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The Workplace Passion Series

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