Mark… (yes it looks like you have to be called Mark to work here), joined eBrands in June 2012 as a director. His vast design experience has further increased eBrands capacity in the creative and management fields to look after your brand while on its brand journey.

Mark’s skill sets as a designer of 30 years stretches into domains as broad as identity systems, web sites, videos, digital and motion design, publications design and packaging. He has left his fingerprint on major household brands across Australia in the corporate, retail, fmcg, financial, health and beauty, industrial and charitable industry sectors.

His vast experience reveals that a well thought out idea executed properly will connect quickly and directly with the intended audience. Simplicity being the focal point. Mark also puts an emphasis on relationships. When the fit is right it is easy to create good work as it allows great ideas to build and grow over time. It enables frank and easy discussion. It helps thought processes to flow freely and be explored. It allows him to do his best for you.

Mark can be found on LinkedIn

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  1. Marc Iannacone says:

    Welcome aboard Mark!