Australia is a great place to make a movie. While the public are very familiar with Australia’s front of camera talent, the country is rich with talented crew, locations and production facilities which offer movie producers fantastic opportunities.

Ausfilm dedicates itself to communicating the potential of Australia to the international film making community. Promoting and running a schedule of offline events, exhibitions in a range of companies, and with a physical presence in Los Angeles, Ausfilm has broadened its communication capabilities by appointing eBrands as their digital agency. The brief is simple, ‘engaging the international film community’, and the strategy is being developed utilising eBrands digital communication practice, Content, Search, Social.

“We were very pleased to select eBrands as a partner for our digital engagement strategy” says Debra Richards (Ausfilm CEO). Our mission to keep the film industry informed about what Australia has to offer, means that we need to be prepared to engage our audience on their terms. By taking this step, we will have the tools to reach our stakeholders digitally through the web site, search engine optimisation and social media participation.”

eBrands Strategy Director Marc Iannacone, is excited about Ausfilm coming on board. “Ausfilm is the voice of the Australian film industry to the global film making community. The opportunity to work with a client like this unites my own teams’ passion for film with the privilege of being able to assist an industry which means so much to Australia’s global identity. It’s a great challenge and one we are proud to be a part of.”

Ausfilm will be developing a range of new content initiatives centred around the website – designed to stimulate conversation and make stakeholders increasingly aware of the production resources Australia has to offer. The strategy includes extensive social media participation, and is already starting to garner great results.

About Ausfilm

Ausfilm connects the international film community to Australia’s incentives, facilities and talent.

Ausfilm markets the Australia’s Screen Production Incentive Scheme which comprises the Location, PDV (post, digital and visual effects) and Producer Offsets. Ausfilm is a partnership organisation between private industry and government. It comprises Australia’s Federal, State and Territory Governments and 30 private-sector companies.

Ausfilm has offices in Los Angeles and Sydney.

If you are interested in filming your project in Australia, developing partnerships with Australian talent or completing post-production in Australia, Ausfilm should be your first port of call. The Ausfilm team can advise you on next steps or steer your enquiry as appropriate.

About eBrands

eBrands is a brand design and digital enablement agency, based at Fox Studios, Sydney, and in New York.

eBrands specialise in brand design and digital enablement; taking well designed brands through the digital journey to stakeholder engagement. eBrands has pioneered Content Search Social, a digital brand management process that allows the brand to be measured for performance and to track the value of a brand’s equity.

eBrands clients include GWF, Colgate-Palmolive, University of Sydney and Gloucester Coal. eBrands Director Marc Iannacone can be contacted for more comment at +61 2 9383 4524.

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