We’ve recently been privileged to work with Hitachi Construction Machinery – collaborating on the development of a primary employment brand position and careers web site. Once we got over the initial excitement of getting to work on a project that gave us exposure to machines like this (and to be honest we never really ‘got over it’) ; we set to work.

Once we got under the hood of the company, it became clear that the people who work there have as much character as the machines themselves. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of John Deere as it’s one of my favourite brands, from the beautiful logo all the way through to how the brand identity resonates with the machinery. Hitachi Construction Machinery distributes John Deere along with other brands; and it was great to learn that the company’s own machinery has such a prestigious reputation as the premium option. The people who work at Hitachi put all their energy into the brand’s reputation, product and levels of service; giving these amazing pieces of equipment a human element.

From exploring this story, we developed “People the Heart of Our Machines” positioning and employment philosophy. It was embraced by Hitachi, and has been implemented in the new careers site, and employment experience video that we produced. Rather than me writing more, we created a short video outlining the project that you can see above. Take a look at their new site, watch their video, and experience a company with an internal brand that is now ‘in sync’ with the business.

Many thanks to Eddie Lui and the people at Hitachi for making us feel welcome.

Comments? Thoughts?