Employee engagement is linked to profit, revenue, labour productivity, share price, customer satisfaction, happiness and wellbeing. A highly engaged workforce finds success across these critical areas of business. Disengagement costs the Australian economy $54.8 billion per annum.1

Have you ever walked into an organisation’s premises looking for work or just visiting and felt ‘get me out of here, this is awful!’ or experienced the ‘Wow, how good is this place?’ It really is exciting when the vibe is right – you feel either engaged or disengaged. We were privileged that SunRice asked us to assist them shape an employment brand and employee value proposition to help underpin a stronger cultural identity and energise the internal business culture.

The road ahead included identifying and developing company values, creating an ‘on brand’ look and feel for internal communication to create and lead a strong cultural resonance, becoming more talent competitive by developing and communicating the ‘EVP’ and creating alignment between the anticipated and actual employment experience, thereby defining the company’s belief expectations so they can be shared with new talent. This has been a special project for us as we wanted to help them ‘Make a Difference’ which has kept us fully engaged.

SunRice Employer Brand – Make a Difference
Promotional Material
Concept for Awards & Recognition
sunrice_performance_2Performance Management Book with cover note from CEO
Intranet – Interface Design and Development

1 2013 State of the Global Workplace, Gallup.

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