Challenge Consulting came to us wanting to give their website a refresh. There were a few things in particular that made this project interesting; the amount of content on the website, integrating existing databases into the site and having them automatically update, and the desire to implement an online shop into the website.

Because of the amount of content, we wanted to make sure that the website was smooth to navigate, and that the user was easily able to locate specific content that they were looking for. To do this, we split the website into three sections, so that whatever the users reason for visiting the site, they would be able to quickly find the information they were after.

We also had to build an e-commerce functionality into the website so that Challenge was able to sell products to their customers in a safe and secure manner. In addition to this, we created a way for our client’s current databases to automatically update on the website so that it is always up to date for their users.

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