This year we got the opportunity to work on a project that was a bit different to the typical projects that we’re a part of. eBrands was brought in to work as part of a bigger team to help develop an API portal for the API Practice arm of Telstra –

Late last year we partnered with SMS consulting as Drupal developers to build an API platform which delivered Telstra services to wholesale customers utilising Apigee technology. This years project was the transformation of this website into a monetised portal for retail developers and companies, providing access to their new Messaging Service.

It’s always great to be involved in projects like this, as they are fantastic opportunities for us to grow our skillset and learn new methods of operating, which we can then take back and find ways to implement into our own way of doing business.

We’d like to thank SMS Management & Consulting and the great team at Telstra API Practice for giving us this fantastic opportunity.

Comments? Thoughts?