Director, Strategy

eBrands founder, Marc Iannacone, cut his teeth on brand, digital and copywriting environments straight out of university, working in a UK advertising agency. Following a year client side in Australia as Marketing Manager for a successful Internet company, Marc co-founded eBrands in 1998.

The company established itself early as a digital branding company, with a key focus on the pioneering area of employment brand. Working with a range of different recruitment and communications technologies until 2001, eBrands rapidly attained project credits with a variety of blue-chip and government clients including Ernst & Young, PWC, GE, Suncorp and many others. Exposure to the early stage Internet channel required beng able to manage brands with discipline in many evolving contexts. Marc quickly identified that brand integration was a vital skillset, as existing organsisation brand structures stretched and sometimes failed to provide consistent brand experiences over new forms of communication.

eBrands began the process of repositioning itself as a brand agency; the pioneering work in employment brand began to be recognised by the commercial market as a key brand facet, while eBrands was able to apply the same techniques and learning’s to holistic organisation branding.

“The most important thing about eBrands is that we remain true to our ideals of articulate and clear brand communication, while being able to place our clients brands in exciting new contexts. We have found the digital frontier a great way to be able to give our clients brilliant returns on their investments.

The most important events… while I can look back on key client projects, I am very proud of the team we have assembled. While we remain a small to medium size company in the traditional sense, I love the fact that eBrands has surrounded itself with talented, earnest people that share a passion for seeing ideas succeed , and who continually prove that brands can be consistent even in new arena’s like social media.”

Marc has overseen the integration of brand research, design, print, search technology, and multimedia production, content generation and social media elements into eBrands touch point production. He has designed strategic process for brand establishment and enablement, called Content, Search, Social. The process is unique, in that it incorporates brand feedback systems that use the bedrock of social media to help shape the development of brand.

Having appointed Will Innes as a fellow business Director, Marc founded eBrands NY in New York, USA during 2009. A graduate of universities in both Hull, UK and Sydney, Australia, his favourite recruit in the fight against clutter is his pug cross fox terrier, Fergus.

Marc Iannacone can be found on LinkedIn and followed on Twitter.

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