Content comes in all shapes and sizes

What should the brand say? How does it say it? Where does it say it? Content generation should be strategic. As soon as a brand puts filler content up, its digital equity may be starting to erode.

eBrands works with the organisation to develop a systemic content program that grows brand equity, looking at brand  content (brand voice pieces) and user generated content strategy (both within the organisation and external). Each area of content production is mapped, budgeted and implemented, and given a performance benchmark.

eBrands brings the full toolset of a brand agency into the content generation mix. Digital video and YouTube channel management, video serialisations, podcasts, assisting in user-generated video, campaign concept creation, copywriting and blog strategy, interactive presentations, games, photography and experiential branding experiences can be weaved into the content generation strategy. Filming key leaders of the brand, working with brand customers, getting feedback from the beneficiaries of brand sponsorship… are just some of the scenarios we have filmed successfully.

Once content has been created and published we track its success, and in particular look at it’s effectiveness in light of our search and social goals. In this way, we can derive absolute maximum value from the brand’s content investment. We have illustrated the effectiveness of this through our video story, A Content Life…

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