Combined, eBrands offers over 50 years experience in the multimedia field, with abilities to design and produce both conventional digital material such as web sites, and new digital material such as interactive digital video. Our commitment to quality multimedia production and technology is evidenced by our in house investment. Operating an HD audio-visual suite including film facilities, high definition cameras, an array of lighting equipment and green screen abilities for location and studio shooting, lends our expertise the tools it needs to perfect multimedia content.

Audio-visual brand communication pieces can be filmed, produced and distributed rapidly. eBrands has implemented these techniques in a variety of communication styles, from consumer reports, investor annual reports, new recruit on-boarding, internal communication news bulletins, web site content, viral content, social media content, infomercials and sales presentations.

A brand design partner captures, refines and produces engaging content for internal or external brand audiences. eBrands knows the multimedia space.

More about our technical capabilities is available in our touchpoints section.

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