Relationships are very important in our line of business. One of our clients that we had worked with in the past came to us to create an identity for their new company.

We set out to come up with an identity that both suited the personality of the client and fitted well within the industry the business was in. We went through an extensive research process to come up with a list of names to present to the client. After narrowing down the list of potential names, we then began designing the brand identity and logo to aid in the decision making process.

Cognizance represents awareness, realisation, perception and appreciation, all things that represent our client and the values of the company they a creating.

In the process of creating the identity, we designed a toolkit of stationery items: business card, Powerpoint, word template and social media covers/headers – these items become building blocks for the brand, portraying the personality and style of Cognizance and its founder.


Cognizance Logo



Full Cognizance identity



Business Cards



Powerpoint Templates



Examples of different applications of the logo



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