“We are a dying business and need to be relevant to Millenials in particular if we want to have a sustainable business.”

At the time of writing Newspower is the 73rd highest private company ranked by revenue in Australia. But as Newspower are highly motivated to maintain their success in the news agency business they tasked us with the challenge to update their brand identity and help attract a new, younger demographic while designing a simple, strategic, intelligent feel around the business.

Newspower needed an integrated brand that addressed the differences between branding a shop on a street and one in a shopping centre. Newspower have created a flexible brand that will be applied across existing stores as well as an additional brand with owners who want to run a sustainable business that is relevant to millenials in particular. The new identity kept the existing Newspower colours and created an identity that is simple, fresh and reflecting the new direction the business is ‘going’. There is so much more to it than meets the eye!

NP Logo

Old vs. New

NP Business Cards

New Business cards

NP Storefront

Updated storefront concept with new in-store banners

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