A Centre of Research Excellence in Optimising Early Interventions for Young People with Emerging Mood Disorders (Optymise) was started in Sydney University and needed a brand identity. The Centre brings together key researchers
in the area of youth mental health to address this great health challenge.

Optymise sought for a website that demonstrates the expertise and quality of knowledge it provides, whilst also
effectively communicating research outcomes and developing the health and medical research workforce.

A colour centric identity was also designed to capture the values and essence of the organisation (a sense of family, collaboration, growth, knowledge). We decided to emphasize this further across the Optymise website with an ever changing background on the homepage. We took inspiration from the logo and injected its colours and patterns
throughout the website, in order to give it a sense of continuity and uniformity, all the while continuing to emphasise
the essence of the Optymise brand while hinting at emerging moods.

Brand Identity
Website Homepage with ever-changing background
The ever-changing background emphasizes the Optymise brand values
We wanted to make sure the brand identity flowed throughout the website

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