Brands have exactly the same opportunities as all Internet users do. They need to co-exist with user generated content and work out how to participate within a communication medium where the formalities and barriers to entry are being stripped and re-defined daily in order to build their brand equity.

eBrands has designed a brand management framework that enables organisations to do just that – called Content Search Social. Created through a combination of research and field experience in both our Australian and New York offices, it provides a holistic strategic mandate for a brand’s digital action. In simple terms; we can steer the digital brand with certainty, and place it where the organisation wants to be.

Organisations that come on board with eBrands get the opportunity to use this framework to drive their digital brand strategy; but establishing digital brand strategy is the first step. To prepare brands for digital engagement, we first establish the fundamentals of :

  • Business objectives (what the business is aiming to achieve and how the brand assists)
  • Market knowledge (knowing the space we are operating in and the position where we can build equity)
  • Digital methods and goal setting
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Resources, requirements and managing risk
  • A digital action plan

By following this approach, we can ensure that your digital strategy has all the qualities it needs to succeed in action.

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