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Search (part of eBrands’ Content Search Social brand framework) utilises search engine optimisation and search engine marketing to increase a client’s digital brand footprint. From the basics of improving a web site’s Google search engine ranking, through to the increasing the digital accessibility and shareability of content; Search is a comprehensive and ethical service that delivers traffic.

Search engine optimisation takes more effort than just employing an external agency to do the job for you in a ‘set and forget’ mindset. Effective search engine strategy requires total digital diligence; so our approach is very different from the SEO agency archetype. Google, Yahoo, Bing and their ilk are in the business of providing users with answers, while supporting themselves financially with advertising and application generated reveues. The  ‘search and answer’ experience any particular engine provides a user is crucial in their ability to differentiate from each other. All search engines want to provide quality content;  it is the rules that search engines use to  identify the ‘best’ content that our Search service is based on.

On the web site, we work to ensure the digital brand’s content suitability, technical opacity, information accessibility and authenticity to give it the best possible chance to assert itself in rankings.  Combined with the management of the web site’s off the page elements, all of our clients without exception have enjoyed strong search success.

A further element is the role of social media in search optimisation. User endorsement is a credit that search engines track; Google now returns an average of %25 of user generated answers to brand related searches, with answers often comprised of YouTube videos and realtime Twitter streams. Brand participation via our Social service enables both elements of the framework to work brilliantly together.

All clients receive monthly composite reporting, and the opportunity to view live data results via our mobile app.

By engaging eBrands for Search, your search engine optimisation is holistic, driven and accountable.

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