The Social element of our digital brand management framework – Content Search Socialis a complete program that manages the development of the organisational digital brand into the social media space.

Coming to grips with social media is a challenging for any organisation; social media is a part of daily life for many people, while many organisations struggle to embrace social media’s characteristics. eBrands does not believe in the creative agency acting as an intermediary between the client and their stakeholders; our analysis of social media success factors clearly indicates that the most important thing to stress whether listening, learning or participating in social media is transparency – which requires empowering the organisation to speak for itself.

This creates an exciting scope of possibilities for the role of social media in fulfilling digital strategy goals.

Clients that engage us will :

  • Learn how to evaluate social media and establish its fit for business goals
  • Review competitor positions to define clarity from social media noise to create space for the brand to live
  • Establish a strategy with quality goal setting that have real measurable indicators attached
  • Create a metrics and reporting practice that measures digital brand equity through our footprint model
  • Define and plan resources, requirements and risk management
  • Develop and encourage participation, with the requisite control and support structures to offer guidance to stakeholders

Once these key aspects are defined; we implement the brand using a variety of brand and user-generated content, while continuing to listen, learn and participate. However using the above process; our work is structured and focusses on supporting the aspects of social media that can help the brand to grow.



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